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Khlor Gen System – 20-Watt Solar Panel


This product is built using donations and free labor. This is not for sale for commercial applications. Allow two weeks for shipping. If possible it will be shipped earlier.


Our units have been taken to 50 countries, changing the lives of thousands of communities around the world.

This three piece, solar powered system, ozone production unit or CPU, 2 or 20 watt solar panel and 12 volt battery, can purify water for up to 5,000 people on a daily basis. By converting salt water into ozone and other oxidants, the unit is used to produce solution to kill the bacteria and disease, then is mixed with the local water supply. This makes the water fit for human consumption and safe to use. Sickness and disease from waterborne illnesses are drastically reduced and often times eliminated.

This can be purchased as a complete package or ozone generator individually. All pricing includes shipping. The 2 watt solar is good for producing small amounts of ozone and the 20 watt solar panel is used in larger communities or in a rainy climate where larger amounts of ozone are required.