How we started...

In 2006, after traveling around developing nations on missions trips, John Hays was burdened to create a low-cost, portable solution for water purification. After reading the historical account of Elisha cleansing the water of Jericho in II Kings 2, John put his 30-plus years of experience with municipal water works to use and developed the Khlor Gen system.

Through the years, the design and look has been changed and improved, but the mission has stayed the same: providing people with clean water, reaching out to them through word and deed. Fifteen years and 10,000 units later, that mission continues full steam ahead.

John Hays

Big chief / founder / water scientist

John is the man, myth, legend, and brains behind Hays Pure Water. He has 30 years experience of treating water from work in the municipal sector. He is the father of two and the grandfather of four. He enjoys farming and biking. He founded Hays Pure Water with the promise to God of making a treatment system and giving water to those in need.

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