Khlor Gen System

Our units have been taken to 50 countries, changing the lives of thousands of communities around the world.

Created in 2005 by John Hays, the Khlor Gen System is a new approach to purifying water. This battery-powered, solar-charged device turns salt water into ozone, which is then used to treat local, infected water. Our solution is incredibly more cost-effective, portable, and easier to maintain than traditional water-purification methods.

Khlor Gen Instructional Video


How is this different than other water-treatment options?

The biggest difference is how we approach clean water. The most common methods include drilling a well or using large purification systems to treat the water. These solutions are expensive, complicated to maintain, time-consuming, and difficult to get to the areas in need.

Our system is created with the people who will be using them in mind. The biggest differences are the system's portability and its functionality. You do not need a generator or any outside energy source, as it is solar-powered. It is also extremely simple to use and maintain. They can be up and running immediately.

How long will this system last?

With proper maintenance, a unit will last 62 years.

How does this actually purify the water?

The units creates a very strong ozone solution, along with other disinfecting solutions, from salt water. This ozone is then used in the local water supply to kill 99.99% of contaminants.

Does this make the water clear or just purify it?

The main focus is on killing the harmful bacteria. It will not filter out dirt or other particles (which can easily be done through a makeshift filter such as a shirt), but rather, it kills all bacteria and viruses, which makes the water safe to drink.

What is the shelf life of the chlorine?

Other than ozone, chlorine is produced, and it will be strong enough to kill bacteria for two weeks. After two weeks, the chlorine can be used for other things, such as bug repellent, a general disinfectant, or to wash clothes.

Can I buy a unit for you to take on your next trip?

Absolutely! We are currently raising funds to take hundreds of systems worldwide. If you would like to buy a unit for us to take, just choose "Hays Pure Water" as your shipping option. We will also send you updates when the unit is delivered!

I want you to come speak and do a demonstration. Is that possible?

Yes. We would love to come to your classroom or group and discuss Hays Pure Water. Please use the form on our contact page to get a hold of us.

This looks so easy. Am I missing something?

There is always the possibility, but no. We have created this system with the end user in mind. That means it is easy to use and easy to maintain.

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