September 20

September Prayer Update


The Lord Jesus Christ is King of the whole earth! God is merciful to the Hays Pure Water ministry. Nearly 300 Pure-Water Systems have gone out to these countries recently: Togo, Ghana, Malawi, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, India, and more. Reports are coming in from around the world. See some of the testimonies below:

Pastor George Menyon from the Ivory Coast writes:

“The water machine will really help to bring a lot of people to the church we are now starting here in the Ivory Coast. Thank God for His provision, Sir. God bless you! A church was planted.

Guess what, Brother Hays! Brother Mike and two other missionaries are here with Brother Albert and me in the Ivory Coast. I’m planning to start a church to be named the LIVING WATER BAPTIST CHURCH. Please pray for this, Sir. This will be a memorial for the water ministry!”

Pastor Harris of Togo, West Africa, writes:

“Good morning, Sir. The person standing (middle picture below) is testifying that the chlorine water has greatly improved her health. For the past six days, she had been suffering from a very bad stomach pain and praising God for His healing and also the chlorine generator. The other people are from Togo, a French-speaking country in West Africa.”

Mark Rader, Missionary to Peru, writes:

“In our trip to the Amazon Jungle, 361 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour in 23 villages as a result of sharing the Gospel and treating the river water, using the Hays chlorine machine.”

Please pray that, upon my return from a missions trip to the mountains near Monterey, Mexico, I will have the strength and safety to attend up to 10 more Missions Conferences in 2022. Pray for two missions trips into the Amazon Jungle with Marion Avenue Baptist Church and a separate one into the Solomon Islands, both during the first two months of 2023.

I’m thankful that God lets us reach six new villages daily somewhere in the world! Thank you for your prayers and support!

His water boy,

John Hays

Pastor George Menyon with a group of men who came to help him distribute the water systems

Mark Rader, missionary to Peru, distributed Hays Pure-Water Systems to 23 villages in the Amazon Jungle.

Group of people from Togo, West Africa


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